Grateful for Assistance



On April 22 I had an accident on Park Avenue after hitting a parked car to avoid an animal in the road.

The assistance of so many people was incredibly comforting. Alby Beler of the swimming pool staff physically pulled me out of the vehicle and I was stunned and could not move or thing clearly. Then Alby bandaged by lacerated arm, called the paramedics, the AAA and made arrangements for Tressa Nichols, his assistant, to drive up to the Laguna Art Museum to pick up my wife, who had been waiting for me, and bring her down to the swimming pool area.

Also I wish to compliment and thank the two officers, Kaster and McGill, for their quick response and care in managing the whole situation. I have lived in Laguna Beach since 1961 and have never had an occasion to interact with the police officers. I am very much appreciative of their services.

They could not have done more to put me at ease, express concern for my well being, take care of the police report, obtain the registration and evidence of insurance from the vehicle and calm me down after the accident. I was quite distressed at this first accident in over 60 years of driving.

The message to me from this event is if an animal jumps in front of you in traffic, do not make any abrupt movements to avoid hitting it and be sure to have the accident in Laguna Beach.

These two officers are such a credit to their department as are the firemen and park department personnel. My wife and I laud them for their help and concern. I know firsthand now how we can rely on them and their co-workers when help is needed.

How lucky we are to live in Laguna Beach.


Donald and Barbara Borda, Laguna Beach

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