Finding our Way

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In 1964 a new home development known as Park Avenue Laguna was built by Leslie Homes on Top-of-the-World. The homes were single and two story family homes, some with ocean views and all featured underground utilities, a two-car garage and private driveway.

A 3-bedroom 2-bath listed at $25,650, a 4-bedroom 3-bath from $30,500, there were four floor-plans and altogether 140 homes. Back then Park Avenue was part dirt-road part asphalt, TOW Elementary was in debate and Alta Laguna Park was a one-horse hitch post.

But location location location the homes were far from good LA jobs and elementary schools, to draw prospective buyers the development needed to advertise. The developer asked our City for temporary way-finding signs, one at Coast Highway at Legion, another at Broadway and Forest. His request was denied. The homes eventually sold but only after paving Park Avenue and a company bankruptcy. Home buyers found the TOW development from a newspaper ad or purely by chance.

Today TOW real estate affordability and inventory are low but the City is installing way-finding signs for tourists to find our neighborhoods, our Planning Commission hopes the signs “will help drive pedestrians beyond the downtown core.”

Oh my how rules have changed, but it is a little late to direct Laguna visitors into our neighborhoods.

Anna Miklosy, Laguna Beach

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