Fire Season is Upon Us



This letter was also addressed to Fire Chief La Tendresse

Thank you for your comprehensive response.  It certainly appears that you understand the daunting challenges associated with curtailing the careless behavior exhibited by some visitors to the open areas.  While trash, in general, is unsightly, the continuing presence of spent cigarettes strewn about the wilderness area, is alarming and frightening. The consequences of just one carelessly discarded butt could be devastating,

This is an issue that demands more than signs and pamphlets.  Courteous reminders and gentle prompts will not get the job done. This situation demands the on-site presence of personnel charged with enforcement of the city and county statutes.  Folks who choose to ignore the posted warnings need to be treated for who they are: law-breakers.  The consequences must be severe enough to serve as punishment for their misdeeds and as a meaningful deterrent.

With the fire season upon us, I can’t think of any challenge facing the city of Laguna Beach that is more important than preventing a repeat of 1993.  If you lived here then, as I did, you know what I’m talking about.


Jerry King, Laguna Beach


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  1. i am a careful smoker who goes out of her way to respect local laws and practice common sense. i am as passionate about avoiding careless risks as any of the non-smokers out there. though i am not a local and will soon be a newcomer to laguna beach, i am willing to be an active participant in enforcing good sense upon smokers, as much as i can. if there are any suggestions locals can make to me, i’d be open to what they have to say. how about buckets with wet sand, distributed around coastal area parking lots? how about signs that one cannot smoke away from parking lots and must use the butt-buckets provided? [email protected]


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