Forget the Keys; Make Way for Cycling Culture




Now that we saw Billy Fried’s excellent biking map of Laguna last week (“Peddling the Uncongested Path,” Letters, Feb. 17), Mike Hoag and I have a proposal to further promote bicycling and walking in this town.


We have seen the success of what are known as Ciclavias in other cities. The concept originated in Bogota, Colombia, and has spread to many other cities, notably Portland, Ore., and Los Angeles. Portland’s  “Sunday Parkways” connects several city parks and is held on the last Sunday of each month May through September and attracts large numbers of families, the elderly and anybody who wants to enjoy their city. The several recent Los Angeles CicLAvias have been hugely successful, attracted over 100,000 bike riders, skaters, walkers and so on.


One mega-event took place in Germany in 2010, where 40 miles of autobahn were closed for the day, and over three million people showed up on bicycles and on foot.


The route shown on Billy Fried’s map would be very suitable since it connects three city parks, Bluebird, Boat Canyon and Heisler, which is the concept adopted in Portland. There could be entertainment, food and refreshments, and vendor’s booths at each of the parks.


Charles Alban,

Laguna Beach


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