Ignoring Opportunity for Free Funding



Two objections heard most frequently from city leaders when adopting Complete Streets policy are municipal liability and lack of funding. Municipal liability is not an issue since cities are held immune from liability for use of a public street, and studies show (Pucher, Shoup, Gehl) the more pedestrians and cyclists using the street, the fewer accidents there are provided the city provides safe infrastructure.


Funding is available and often subsidized by state and federal grant programs. During meetings held by the Laguna Beach Complete Streets Task Force, the committee was often challenged by council members Egly and Rollinger to find funding for projects. Each time the task force responded with sources for state and federal grant funding as early as April 2010.


No amount of free money is available to Laguna Beach if the city makes no effort to apply for the grant.  To date, the City has not filed a single application for any Complete Street grant.


Like the Lotto, if you don’t play, you’re just dreaming.


Les Miklosy,

Laguna Beach

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