Fumes From Fireplaces Worse Than Fire Pits



Why must it always be too little too late for this town?

I do believe Laguna Beach can do better than always following Newport Beach’s lead. The new startling discovery for the townsfolk is bad air from “fire pits” (“Cleaner Fire Pits May Burn in Laguna,” Nov. 29).

I wasn’t aware we had any! However, consider this: Asthma in school children is up 80 percent since 1984 and 160 percent in pre-schoolers.

Laguna Beach allows home fireplaces to burn wood. The fumes are toxic and held close to the ground, especially in the canyon areas, by our ever-present cold inversion layers. The cold sea air comes in at night…..the folks light up their fireplaces…..the smoke goes up the chimney….across the street….and stays there. You might as well put your children to bed in the local cigar shop or bar where there is plenty of carcinogens for everyone. Your fireplaces are toxic fume generators!

The EPA demands that you “smog test” your car every two years to prevent toxic emissions. The city has no restrictions on your fireplace that is killing little Mary Jane down the street because of sheer ignorance and a pre-occupation with the beach amenities provided for the almighty tourism attractions.

Convert to gas burning fireplaces. I did. Get the jump, for once, on the avant gard Newporters!

If you have any doubts about my position, check with the school nurses. Ask the school officials how many kids require access to their “emergency” asthma inhalers to prevent their possible death. Still have doubts? Google it my friends, anything to make it easy for the Lagunaticks.

Wes Herdeg, Laguna Beach



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  1. I have asthma and I have a wood burning fireplace.I never had a problem with my asthma and burning wood in my fireplace during winter. So if you have a Problem maybe should experience having asthma before opening your mouth.I have no problem burning wood in my fireplace and my asthma I use an inhaler not because of a fireplace because the city has carbon monoxide from cars dust pollen you name it getting rid of a wood burning fireplace would not help the matter what so ever before you attack people for using a fire place for pleasure or warm and come off like some kinda tree hugger maybe you should get your facts straight and other elements involved before you just blame a wood burning fireplace.


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