Gay Intervention?





The city of Paris subsidizes some businesses because they believe they serve a unique public service. The City Council could have easily told the new owner of the Coast Inn to keep the Boom Boom open because it was a destination dance and food establishment for thousands who came to Laguna when Laguna was gay, before this City Council destroyed gay life in Laguna and did all they could to wreck the Bounce second-floor  dance floor.


Denney’s is long gone but any old-timers will tell you it was a part of the concept for visitors and locals to attend the 24-hour coffee shop, which was a architectural classic in itself and should have never been torn down.


I write this because the man who thinks the city will save Z Pizza (Local Currents, “Let’s Get Weird,” Jan. 6) forgets we are a very provincial town along way from anything cosmopolitan or sophisticated.


Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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