Tree Sniping




I like the idea from Transition Laguna members about planting fruit trees (Letters, “A Fruit-Bearing Solution to Eucalyptus Problem,” Jan. 6).


I also suggest that the proceeds from all fundraising by Laguna Village and Ann Christoph be used to support local residents who don’t have enough money to trim their beloved eucalyptus trees on a regular basis and pay for any damage caused by these trees.  Also to pay for special services for such trees such as hauling away debris after winds.  I don’t think we as taxpayers should be using tax dollars to trim these trees and pay for damage.


I don’t think Edison should shoulder the burden of trimming these trees as these homeowners benefit from the power lines. Each time Edison crews trim and clear it is reflected in our rates. If these eucalyptus, pine, palm trees are on private property, then homeowners should be responsible for keeping them in check.  If not, then cities and Edison should be assessing them fees to keep the trees trimmed. I think some people let the trees grow wild so that they don’t have to pay for trimming.


This is where Laguna Village can be of real service to our community instead of using their monies raised for ensuring their favorite candidates stay in office in our City Council and try to run our city according to their leaders’ vision of wall to wall trees.  They of course would have to change their non-profit standing from a political action committee to a regular non-profit  instead of pretending that they are a regular non-profit. Just a thought.



Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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