Second Generation Artists Carry Torch

Julie Setterholm

With over 45 years of history, the Sawdust Art Festival is now seeing its second generation of artists achieve careers as successful Sawdust artists.

The second generation of artists, who have learned the majority of their creative skill-set simply by growing up on the festival grounds and being exposed to a myriad of creative talents at a age, have grown into their own at the Sawdust.

Second generation artists Jesse Bartels, Rachel Goberman, Reem Khalil, Nicole McQuaid, Julie Setterholm and Sandra Weir each have their own unique stories and mediums, as they continue to actively develop their artistic abilities.

Visit these second generation artists at the festival, open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily until Sept. 2 at 935 Laguna Canyon Rd. Admission prices are $7.75 for adults.

Jesse Bartels

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