Genuine Complete Streets Planning



Last week I attended the monthly meeting of the Bicycle Safety Committee of Newport Beach. This committee advises the Newport City Council on bicycle safety and complete streets policy. Most of the stakeholders were there represented by the Newport Beach Police Department, public works, committee member Frank Peters of cdmCyclist, seven voting members, eight members total. Mayor and committee chair Nancy Gardner led the meeting and addressed 14 members of the audience including four NBPD officers, OCBC Director Pete Van Nuys, complete streets advocates from San Clemente, Laguna Beach, Newport, Irvine, and residents.


As a bicycle safety and traffic-calming measure the committee voted 7-0 to recommend bicycle sharrows for Pacific Coast Highway through Corona del Mar. The meeting calendar, public notifications, agenda and complete minutes are posted for public review on the NB City website and at bikeNewportBeach. The participating reader will notice none of this city commitment occurs in Laguna Beach. With a can-do attitude from city leadership, Laguna Beach could achieve the results in Newport.


Les Miklosy, Laguna Beach


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