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I found Tom Osborne’s column titled “When Ideology Trumps Fact,” interesting and widely untrue. He accuses me of essentially not caring for our planet or having any knowledge of global warming.

Both of these facts are not true.

After the debate two weeks ago when the question was asked to me regarding what I thought Laguna Beach should do to help alleviate global warming, he came up to me and asked me a series of questions regarding this topic. I told him that I would gladly discuss the issue with him and invited him to call me the next day. I reminded him that I had just finished a two-hour debate (after putting in a 10 hour campaign day) and was too tired to get into a debate with him. He never called me.

For the record, I am concerned about global warming and had I been on the City Council when the opportunity to vote for the $10 million to build a better flood control district in the downtown to help mitigate the effects of global warming, I would most certainly have.

And just because I don’t read Scientific American magazine, does not mean that I won’t make a good city council representative. Being on the city council is about new ideas, the ability to make fair and just decisions, and the desire to learn and listen when it relates to important issues facing our town. I have all of these traits and the energy to carry them out.

Michele Hall, Laguna Beach

The author is a candidate seeking election to the Laguna Beach City Council


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