The Spin Stops Here


Rob Zur Schmiede’s detractors have taken great pains to spin his experience and accomplishments to convince us he is not qualified to be a council person.   Contrary to the spin doctors spin, Rob’s achievements, in over 36 years of toil in both private and public sectors, more than qualify him to be a council person.

As voters, we all get to be HR managers for a day.  We should decide who to hire based on fact* not spin. Study of the facts, not the spin, evidences Rob should be one of our new hires.

*A few facts about Rob:  An MBA; submersion in public/private activity involving hundreds of millions of dollars; project manager of large scale residential development; commercial real estate development; Development and implementation of small business loan programs; Public planning department manager; numerous appointments to city and county boards and commissions.


Chris Toy, Laguna Beach


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