Homeless Here Are Helped, Not Targeted

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I was extremely surprised and disappointed to read about the current lawsuit that the ACLU has presented to the City of Laguna Beach and am writing to you today to strongly support that the City of Laguna Beach fight these unwarranted accusations.

I am absolutely amazed at the quote by the law firm Paul Hastings that uses verbiage to twist reality of the homeless situation here in our town. “Laguna Beach is best known as an affluent, idyllic seaside art colony, but a small yet significant portion of the population suffers from mental and physical disabilities that leave them unable to access housing,” said Kristopher Wood, an attorney with Costa Mesa-based law firm Paul Hastings LLP. “The city refuses to provide permanent supportive housing that would alleviate the problem, yet continues to cite physically and mentally disabled homeless individuals who have no other option for sleeping outdoors.”

So many residents in our town volunteer to help feed and clothe our homeless population and others extend themselves relentlessly in support of other necessary life support. It seems like a huge “slap in the face” after so much effort, time and concern our residents offer to help those homeless folk in our town. We all know and feel the population surge during certain times of the year, and I’m sure that the same aspects of our town that attract vacationers attract the homeless too.  When Laguna is full, it is full!!  But insinuating that we are targeting the homeless population in our town is untrue.

Debbie Naudé, Laguna Beach

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