Homeless Volunteer for Depot Clean Up



If you’ve ever been by the bus station on Broadway in Laguna Beach, you’ve  probably noticed how dirty it is. It is one of the filthiest places in town. Trash and debris litters the ground. Cigarette butts, candy wrappers, food containers, plastic utensils, Styrofoam, paper and even hypodermic needles can be found in the bushes and flower beds. The benches are stained and look like they’ve never been cleaned. The thought of sitting on them makes one immediately want to stand.

The homeless often congregate at this bus station. Some of them can be blamed, at least in part, for the mess.

But not today. On Sunday, Sept. 28, a group of homeless individuals from the ASL shelter on the Canyon Road volunteered to clean it up. They worked for more than two hour with three $1 brooms, rags, a rake and garbage bags.

But the police came by and said having the homeless clean up city property was not allowed. He said he would let it go this time, but not to let it happen again.

The homeless are so often accused of being lazy, and of just wanting a hand-out, not wanting to work. This morning I witnessed the exact opposite. I’ve never seen five people work harder.
Maybe the problem is not that the homeless don’t want to work. Maybe they aren’t being given a chance.

Jessica deStefano, Laguna Beach

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