Honor Thy Father

By Susan McNeal Velasquez
By Susan McNeal Velasquez

  It is time again to formally honor our fathers. The masculine principle is imbued with the task of establishing our ethics and morality. It fulfills its function as a sharp tool of learning what actions and controls are necessary to manifest right choices in our lives. When masculine energy is married to feminine energy, which is receptive and emotionally rich by nature, it sets the stage to open us to  exciting growth and new levels of fulfillment.

When masculine and feminine energy wed, new life is born.

No matter what kind of relationship we had or have with our fathers, the role that a father plays in our lives is crucial to our sense of self and place in the world. The role of father has been ill-defined in the past as a shadow-figure, the head of the household, the breadwinner, emotionally distant and often unreachable. Fathers today are rapidly changing that image. I love to see young fathers as they walk down the street having an easy conversation with their six-year-old or with their infant strapped to their chest and their capable arms holding them closely.

If we could fast-forward into the future, here is my imagining of the heartfelt thank you these children will send as you new fathers who do your best to give them your guidance through your loving attention.

Dad, thank you for liking me. I already know you love me but the extra fact that you seem happy to share your life with me, lets me know that I am special to you. When you look into my eyes, I feel that you are looking at me only. It helps me to feel that I am unique and interesting. You give me the gift of knowing that you like me that much.

Dad, thank you for liking mom. I watch you show her that you love her by being loyal to her and treating her with respect. It seems that you cherish your life together because you actually show how much you like her. You let her know and you also let me know that you feel grateful to have a partnership with her. You give me the gift of seeing commitment and involvement in action and that a full, rich partnership is enjoyable and worthwhile.

Dad, thank you for pursuing work that you care about. I know that you bring something special to your work but your work never defines you. You, instead, define your work. You give me the gift of knowing that being my best self is the most important contribution I can make to my success in the world.

Dad, thank you for having hopes and dreams for my happiness but always assuring me that my path to happiness would be one I would find myself. You let me find my own path and you let me know you are behind me all the way. Even when I stumble or fall, you help me find my footing and then step out of my way once I am standing again. You give me the gift of self-determination so that I can become.

Dad, thank you for telling me the truth. When you smile at me your eyes are full of meanings that I feel inside. When you are angry, I feel your hurt or disappointment. I know that you can be irritated and upset with me, but I also know that even in times of anger you don’t hate me because you don’t ignore or walk away from me during difficult times. You give me the gift of receiving authentic and genuine concern and guidance when I need it most.

Dad, thank you for your sense of humor and playfulness. Your eye-rolling, teasing, bad jokes and laughing at yourself let me know that I don’t have to always be on guard or perfect in everything I do. You encourage me to go for it whether it is sports or friendships and to roll with the punches as one of the prices and gifts of taking risks and chances. You give me the gift of knowing that my physical, mental and emotional muscles grow strong by taking action instead of playing it safe.

Fatherhood is a tremendous responsibility. Our father is our first love for girls and the first role model for boys.

My wish for all you fathers on your special day can be summed up this way. May you be filled with loving-kindness. May you be well. May you be peaceful and at ease. May you be happy.


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