In Memory of Elizabeth Taylor


The still child-actress Elizabeth Taylor, center, visited Laguna Beach’s Shaw’s Cove in 1946 with her friend Gay McEldownly, left. Locals with the famous teen, right, included Judith Ayres and Bernadette Hartman, bottom left, and an unidentified girl.

Photo courtesy Jane Janz

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  1. Thinking about the day not so long ago when Violet stopped Elizabeth Taylor in her tracks in the shoe department at Neimans… Dame Elizabeth had her nurse push her wheelchair across the floor to me and asked me her name. “Violet” I said and bent down so she could really see her properly. As the entire first floor watched in hushed silence she swept Violet in her arms and said “Of course she is called Violet” then winked at me with one of her flashing violet colored eyes..”Her full name is Violet Taylor” I replied with a smile… “Perfect!!” she said in that unforgettable voice as her face lit up… She then looked deeply into Violet’s eyes and said, “You are the most beautiful and perfect little girl I have ever seen” One last long hug, a kiss goodbye and she was gone. Even Violet seem to sense that something special had just happened to her and as I carried my little girl out to the car I whispered in her ear “You see, I told you you were timeless little one….” The memory of that encounter stayed with me long after Violet died… RIP Elizabeth Taylor… The last of the Greats. Please give Violet another kiss, from me.


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