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“My passion is building custom dream homes with timeless design that matches your personal style and needs,” says designer and contractor Julie Laughton, CEO of Julie Laughton Design Build in Laguna Beach. She delivers the highest quality craftsmanship and a 5-Star service. In this article, Julie discusses what makes her unique and how she provides a seamless process from conception to completion.


What makes you unique from other home builders?

My architecture, design background and comprehensive approach to each project makes me unique. Due to my education and professional experience starting out in New York City working with architects and the top five developers, I have extensive knowledge of how the process works from conception to completion. There is no part of the process that I am not involved in and I have not mastered.

Your motto is: It all starts with a good plan. How important is planning for a home construction project?

It’s the ultimate best decision you can make. Without plans the process is chaotic. Organizing and pre-planning from the beginning ensures a smooth and wonderful process. My plans are super detailed with every single decision made in advance of construction so there is no confusion or real decision making after the project starts. This keeps the project on time and on budget.

What are the challenges building in coastal communities?

Coastal located homes near the ocean are a lot more complicated to work on due to the sandy soil and the coastal commission requirements. If you are not a seasoned designer or architect in these areas it can be overwhelming and daunting. As the designer, I am hands-on during the entire city submittal process. Then of course since I am also the contractor, I’m updated by the work I do as the designer well in advance so the information I am giving the client is much more accurate as we move through the project.

Tell us about your 5-Star service.

My 5-Star service involves every aspect of the project from the first day you meet with me as the designer to the last day that I complete the project as the contractor. After the project is done I am also there for the lifetime maintenance of the home. My clients rely on me to be their secret weapon and take the stress out of the project.

JLGC License #903819

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