Laguna Community Concert Band Celebrates its 23rd Season with “Songs From The Heart” at the Artists Theatre

Vocalist Candace Carvalho will perform at the Artists Theatre on Feb. 5. Photo courtesy of Peyton Webster

The Laguna Community Concert Band opens its 23rd season at the Artists Theatre on Sunday, Feb. 5 at 2 p.m. with a mix of vocal and instrumental music, “Songs from the Heart,” that tugs at our heartstrings.

Lush orchestrations and thrilling vocals transport us to other times and places. “Moonriver,” sung by Laguna Beach baritone Gary Greene returns us to the 60s and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Lyric soprano Candice Carvalho’s “When I Fall in Love” reminds us of the 90s and “Sleepless in Seattle.” And emcee and principal vocalist Lisa Morrice riffs on George Gershwin’s “They Can’t Take That Away from Me,” harking back to the 40s and the magic of Fred Astaire.

The concert band will play the hauntingly beautiful “Bring Him Home” from “Les Miserables,” as well as lilting pieces from England and Ireland, and “God’s Country,” a majestic work that takes us, the listeners, on a journey of picturesque landscapes from beautiful mountain ranges to breath-taking waterfalls.

As with all of the band’s performances, the concert is free.

“As a group, we continue to evolve and enlarge our repertoire,” said Mark Lowery, the co-conductor of Laguna Community Concert Band. “Especially now, many musicals and concerts remain financially out of reach for so many. These free performances bring the joy of live music to everyone in the community.”

The Artists Theatre is located at 625 Park Avenue in Laguna Beach. No ticket is necessary to attend the band’s free concerts. The Laguna Community Concert Band rehearses at the Laguna Beach High School band room on Tuesday nights at 6 p.m. For the latest news about the band and a calendar of concerts, visit the website at


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