Laguna Wins ‘Most Waterwise’ Challenge



Laguna Beach residents have again proven their commitment to conserving water and other resources by claiming the title of “Nation’s Most Waterwise City” among small towns for a third year, says a Laguna Beach County Water District statement.

The Wyland Foundation, based in Irvine and established by the Laguna Beach marine mammal artist, and Toyota announced the winning cities on May 16. They also include Andover, Minn., Ventura, Calif., Aurora, Colo., and Boston.

During April, Laguna’s Mayor Steve Dicterow asked residents to conserve water, save energy, and reduce pollution by taking part in the foundation’s annual Mayor’s Challenge. Residents were encouraged to make an online pledge to consuming fewer natural resources.

“This competition allows us to demonstrate and recognize the continuous efforts of our residents, especially during this unprecedented drought,” said Renae Hinchey, the district’s general manager, in a statement.

If residents abide by their commitments – such as sweeping instead of hosing, reusing grocery bags and fixing leaky toilets – local residents will reduce water waste by 52 million gallons, eliminate more than 2,400 pounds of hazardous waste, reduce waste sent to landfills by 1.2 million pounds, and save 3.5 million kilowatt hours of energy, the statement says.

Even before taking the pledge, due to mandatory statewide cutbacks in water use the 19,121 residents in the Laguna County Water District have dialed back their water consumption by 20 percent since last June, according to state Water Board reports.



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