Letter: A Caterpillar Pushes Back


One nice day, Caterpillar was out for a walk and came to Laguna Beach. “My, my!” said Caterpillar. “This looks like a very nice beach!” Caterpillar looked down the beach. “I do not see anyone there,” she said. “I will go there,” she said.

And so, Caterpillar inched up on top of a rock where a plaque read “Montage.” And that was where Caterpillar fell asleep. Hare, looking for a village entrance, was out for a hop. When Hare came back to the beach, he saw marks in the sand.

This woke up Caterpillar. And Caterpillar boomed in a very loud voice, “It is I! Yes, I who stomps rhinos to dust!” Hare was scared and hopped to Suzi-Q to hide.

Jackal, on his way to Mozambique, passed Hare. Hare said “Friend Jackal, someone has come to my beach. Please, will you help me?” Jackal crept to the beach and barked loudly, “Who is it on the beach?” Caterpillar called out in a voice that rocked the earth. “It is I! Yes, I who stomps rhinos to dust!” On hearing this, Jackal thought in fear, “I can do nothing against such a creature!” And Jackal left for happy hour.

Rhino heard the commotion and left The Hive to investigate. When Rhino heard what Caterpillar said, he had no wish to be stomped to dust. And Rhino hailed a trolley.

Hare did not know what to do! Then Frog passed by. “What is wrong?” said Frog, and Hare told him. “Maybe I can help you,” said Frog. “Let me try.” “What, you?” laughed Rhino. “You are too small!” All the animals laughed.

And so, Frog went to the beach and asked who was there. Then Frog went closer and shouted, “I have come at last! I am one who stomps those who stamp rhinos!”

When Caterpillar heard this, she trembled. She thought, “I’m only a Caterpillar!” And Caterpillar inched off the beach. She hoped that no one would notice her.

“I would never dream of visiting that beach!” said Caterpillar with her nose in the air. “I am too fancy a creature for Montage!” Caterpillar inched away. All the animals laughed.

Moral: The status-quo pushes back, fear is ephemeral, prosperity hides in plain sight.


Les Miklosy, Laguna Beach

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