Letter: Of Pride and Patriotism


It was so heartening to see the patriotic displays and pride in America on July 4! We were out of town in Lake Arrowhead spending time with family. The lake was overflowing with American flags and decorations adorning nearly every boat, dock and house, BBQs, military plane flyovers, patriotic songs and amazing fireworks at night. It felt good to be an American, proud, thankful and appreciative.

Laguna Beach celebrated in style too, with events like the annual Brooks Street 4th of July event organized by Veteran Eric Jensen and his wife, Jo, complete with flag raising, pledge of allegiance, singing of the national anthem, patriotic speeches and parade, and of course, the fireworks over Heisler Park.

What a great opportunity to celebrate what a great country we have, with the freedoms we enjoy, and also remember the sacrifices made to pay the price for those freedoms.

How very unfortunate that those blessings and freedoms are taken for granted, and trashed by the likes of Colin Kaepernick, Nike and Megan Rapinoe, the later seemingly scowling in her stone-faced muteness while the national anthem was sung and later dancing on top of the American flag lying on the ground. In my opinion she does not deserve to wear the red, white and blue or represent our national team in the Women’s World Cup.

Seems like it is all about them, like unruly spoiled children, the kind no one wants to be around, embarrassed by their actions. What a sad role model for our younger children, ugly anti-American actions dwarfing any talent. Rapinoe seems to have a huge chip on her shoulder,  a “look at me” need. Rapinoe, who is a vocal leader in the gay community, is not being a good leader or reflecting well on the gay community, in my opinion, with what feels like her anti-American and selfish actions. She is also setting gay progress backwards and creating potential animosity towards the community, I believe. Many of my gay friends share this opinion with me.

Same with Kaepernick, most recently disrespecting both our nation’s first American flag of the 13 colonies and one of the courageous women, Betsy Ross, who made that flag.  Why is it these individuals spit on America, the land of their birth that provided them the opportunity to excel?

Most recently a city council in Minnesota voted to eliminate the Pledge Of Allegiance. Is nothing sacred anymore?  Our flag, national anthem, pledge of allegiance?  What’s next? If you ever attended a naturalization ceremony, and witnessed the pride and emotion of our newest citizens and what that flag represents, you would understand.  Maybe we all need to be born again.

Jennifer Zeiter, Laguna Beach

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  1. Come on, Jennifer. Watch this video and then decide if Rapino actually stomped or “danced” on the flag.


    Have you watched many sporting events? Specifically, have you observed how few athletes actually sing the national anthem? It never occurred to me they were “scowling” in “stone-faced muteness”. Rather, I imagine they were focusing on the task at hand.

    If anyone should be called out (and given the excitement of the moment, I don’t believe that’s necessary), it would be the athlete who let the flag hit the ground. In this case, Rapino’s attention, appropriately, was on the fans, not on making a political statement.

  2. Not false, but thanks for playing. Did you watch the video of all the other Womens World Cup USA singing the national anthem? Every one but her. I stand uncorrected. She is bad for America. Look up her statements, you know, those ones you don’t want to admit she said, using the “F” word. Gee, now there is a real role model. Plus she “stole” for poliical purposes the Golden Boot. Not impressed. Certainly a free country, but she is certainly not a role model, and her talent, again, is dwarfed by the ugliness of her actions. Sad.

  3. Yet another myopic view from Jennifer. Take heed Lagunans…unless you agree with her rants you will ALL be cast as unpatriotic and unAmerican.
    Meagan didn’t ‘stomp’ she was gearing up for her(and America’s…) victory dance.

  4. I will admit I was inaccurate on the singing of the anthem (although I’ve seen many other stone face athletes who don’t sing, either). I don’t follow soccer closely and wasn’t aware she made a conscience choice recently until I looked it up. This form of protest doesn’t equal being unpatriotic, but nothing anyone says will ever change your mind about that.

    “Rapinoe actually hasn’t sung the anthem for months, but one thing the Yahoo Sports interview made clear is that she used to sing the Star Spangled Banner, and with genuine feeling.

    “With grace and gusto, on fields from Frankfurt to Florida to Montreal, eyelids occasionally fluttering. Her chest would rise and fall with the trumpets on the ‘Star Spangled Banner,’ lyrics rolling off her tongue, patriotism oozing from her entire figure,” wrote Bushnell.”

    Will you admit that video in no way, shape or form indicates she danced on the flag?

  5. Surprise surprise… The regular cast off characters chime in…LOL

    Great LTE Jennifer. I’m sick and tired of people trying to deconstruct our country.

  6. Great letter to the editor Jennifer. Of course you have the typical cast of characters chiming in with their far left views and continued attempt to deconstruct our country. megan rapino is merely a narcissist trying to pull all the attention to herself for the teams accomplishments. There is an “i” in rapino but still no “i” in team. I’m sure that there are many democrats that are a bit miffed by the direction being taken by their party. Embarrassed may be more apropos.

  7. Thank you, Jennifer for your courage to write such a truthful letter. As you can tell by a “few” replies, the truth hurts. Our great country will not be ruined by the CK and MR followers. These two (majority of the population does not know who they are) are so full of themselves and have nothing better to do then bash America. One can throw a ball and one can kick a ball. What an accomplishment and contribution to the world..Such a joke.

  8. I have to wonder why J.Z. and C.H. ever chose to live in Laguna Beach – known for being a progressive, liberal and environmental Village. Oh, maybe it’s because of all of the Liberal activism that progressives did to make Laguna incredible: Dedicated Greenbelt and Bluebelt, Farmers Market, Art Walk, stopping high rises, etc, etc. You reap the benefits of decades of liberal activism, but want to bring Trumps’ dividing, hate filled, racist ideologies to our Village. What hypocrites! The good news is the latest polls show that more Democrats that repubs. are registered in OC, for the first time since Nixon. Sorry to say, you’re 1950’s MAGA mentality is no longer in control.


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