Letter: A Charming Bunker


Can you enter your bunker into the Charm House Tour? 

Years ago, in Steve Martin’s comedy hit “LA Story,” the main character shows his girlfriend around Beverly Hills.  At one point he excitedly exclaims, “Some of these houses are 20 years old!” 

Well, that’ll soon be Laguna: Scrubbed clean. At least that’s what our city council is praying for: a brief history. They can fabricate the rest. 

Already they have given away the majestic trees in our canyons, already they work to eliminate the shaded areas on our downtown sidewalks. And now, soon to be a thing of the past is the past itself. 

In one fell swoop our elected officials have made it selfishly easy to erase our history.

Good job Pete. Good job Sue. Allowing yourselves the freedom to rewrite 100 years with your sanctimonious spit and polish. 

Quaint will be replaced with concrete. Gardens will be replaced with gates, the eucalyptus will be reigned in and green will become grey. What brought the majority of us to Laguna, and bid us stay, has obviously no value to you.

Oh, pardon me; it has value. I can hear your deft fingers pounding feverishly on your personal adding machines. 

Mace Morse, Laguna Beach

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  1. Sadly I agree with this perspective and message. Soon our town will look just like the blankness of Peter Blake’s gallery walls. Erase everything and create a town of fake stories by fake people.


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