Letter: On Black Lives Matter


I read with horror the opinion piece you featured by Ms. Welsh Zeiter in Friday’s edition on Black Lives Matter [BLM]. It gives new meaning to the term gaslighting. By referencing disassociated topics like Chicago gun violence, crimes, drug and alcohol addiction, gangs and strong families and socialism she paints BLM as a radical entity that seeks the violent overthrow of the government.

To top it off she wraps herself in the flag and Jesus towards the end which is borderline humorous. Thankfully, you also printed a piece by Jean Ardell that was sensitive and reasoned.  Luckily, she is the one teaching our children. My humble suggestion is that you consider asking Larissa Marantz, an instructor at LCAD if you could reprint her cartoon explanation of BLM in your paper. Sometimes a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. 

Dennis Walsh, Three Arch Bay

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