Letter: Art & Nature Festival Knocked It Out of the Park


Tom Osborne’s stimulating “Green Light” column regarding Laguna Art Museum’s thought-provoking Art & Nature festival knocked it out of the park! He skillfully captured the essence of the exhibition, which conveys the wonderment we all feel concerning the ocean but also reveals there are frailties and vulnerabilities due to mistakes we have made in the past. Yet, the optimistic tone of keynote speaker Dr. Sylvia Earle, felt uplifting as she spoke to existing knowledge already uncovered that would allow us to repair much of the damage done and bring the ocean environment back into balance. Tom’s article and the Art & Nature exhibition compel us to go beyond the surface (so to speak) and take action. A good first step is to write or email your Congressional legislators and ask them to cosponsor and advocate for the RISEE Act, which has bipartisan support. I have done just that, and it was easy. This bill helps protect coastlines and coastal communities like ours from rising sea levels and erosion. 

Deborah Young, Laguna Beach

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