Letter: City Should Ban Sale and Use of Rat Poison


After discussions of my post on Roundup, I am proposing to the city and Council members to ban the sale and use of rat poison (rodenticides) in the city limits. These poisons are hemolytic—they cause internal bleeding and the poisoning can take several days to manifest itself when a pet or child accidentally ingests it.

Upon interviewing four pest control companies in town, I learned that all of them use poison. If they contend that their material is organic, then they are using less poison.

For the sake of people, pets, and environment, rat poison should be banned in the city limits. Traps can be used instead of poison. There are many posts online that state which traps to use. I have three types set at all times in the basement and garage of my home. One I made using a bucket of water with a ramp. My approach is humane and effective. No secondhand poison for birds of prey or pets.

Do the right thing for the environment. Ban the sale and use of rat poison in the city limits. Do not use pest control companies, as they use poison, which can have long-lasting effects on all of us and our pets, and not just rodents.


Mohammad Ala, Laguna Beach


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