Letter: School Board Majority, Superintendent Don’t Represent Core Values, Strategic Goals


The most recent lawsuit against the superintendent and LBUSD board majority may be appropriate and deserved as district leadership has strayed from its published “Core Values,” in my opinion.

The value of “Transparency,” states: “we are transparent in all operations of the District and demonstrating ethics through open and honest practices.” Board meetings used to be announced through call-outs and postings; call-outs are gone and the meetings still aren’t streaming live. Slow pace considering the district’s expressed insistence on compliance with Closed Captioning and “Transparency.” Live stream allows for the community’s participation, which used to be welcome, during meetings without giving up a full evening. Current policy prohibits board members from addressing constituents’ concerns directly. It appears all inquiries and comments must now be forwarded to the superintendent. Why do we have elected officials if they can’t address our concerns? There’s no trust in the capabilities of staffers, many with longer tenure than the superintendent. Doesn’t he have better things to do than micromanage every inquiry and request for information?

The “Courtesy” value states: “we treat everyone with dignity…seeking to understand each point of view without making assumptions…” The board’s current lawsuit portrays a different story. Emails from a records request show extensive communications between the superintendent and a board member discussing the actions and comments of Dee Perry, their own opinions, and forwarded emails that are both personal and district-based. It’s documented that a board member engaged an agent to harass and bully constituents into silence as well. Aren’t these all examples of violations of policy? Member Peggy Wolff published an admonishment of Perry on district letterhead. Member Jan Vickers has been seen publicly demonstrating a double standard of treatment among the board members, even vilifying an attendance issue with Perry that required a board vote to overturn Vickers’ opinion. Why all the hypocrisy? Why embrace being a “weak board.” In my opinion, a novice superintendent needs a strong board. Our taxes are now being used to defend against one of their own, yet these four can’t seem to follow their own district-approved goals, values and expected behavior. District goals related to “School Culture” focus on students’ connections to the school, community and the world, but omit language on the same parameters for the leadership of the district.


Sheri Morgan, Laguna Beach


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