Letter: Development Done Right


With Laguna threatened by mega-development schemes, many residents are looking for development done right. Look no further than 496 N. Coast Hwy.– a newly renovated building featuring offices and a wine tasting room. Designed by architect Morris Skenderian and built by Oligino Construction (both Laguna businesses), this building represents a beautiful design realized with expert craftsmanship. Already a hit with local residents, others will no doubt enjoy its wine tasting room and street appeal. Let’s see more development like this!

Merrill Anderson, Laguna Beach

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  1. Great remodel of a worn out property on PCH!
    The architect was TODD SKENDERIAN, Morris’s nephew.
    This project went through the “City process” zoning, building, DRB, fire dept.& various other groups! Taking 18-24 months to get approval!
    Now my understanding is there is a petition to put an initiative on the ballot to add more restrictions on future projects!
    Let’s continue to invigorate not stagnant properties in Laguna Beach.
    Residents & property owners please read the prior letter to the editor by LOUIS WEIL !

  2. As Chairman of the Design Review Board, which I was also a long time ago, I question about appointed board member using this forum to sway public opinion.

  3. On my previous reply, I should have mentioned APPOINTED board members using this forum to sway public opinion while knowing they may some day vote on the very topics should be avoided.


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