Letter: Exorbitant Rents to Blame for Business Woes


Here’s what I don’t understand: Laguna Beach businesses are complaining about all the obstacles the city puts in the way of their success. Yet, the biggest enemy of Laguna Beach business? Laguna Beach business! In particular, it’s the real estate industry. Rents are exorbitant in this town, as we all know, and you have to sell a hell of a lot of T-shirts or cookies to make your monthly rent of $10,000 (or whatever it is today). So, instead of blaming the city, why don’t retail businesses fight against the real estate companies that are gouging them in rents? Just wondering. And while we’re talking about blaming the wrong folks, let’s stop complaining about the day-trippers who arrive here from Irvine or Riverside with wagons and coolers. They have the same right to the beach as someone paying $1,000 a night at the Montage.

David Peck, Laguna Beach

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  1. My landlord is a gentleman but still, this may be the land of plenty but margins are slim and if I had a nickle for every Lagunatic who drives up in a $100K car or lives in a $$million house and says (not asks) “whats my locals discount?”….so gross….

    No “locals discount” at Wahoos. No matter if your in LB or at the Spectrum. Or Adofols….or Laguna Feast, or Hobie, or Brussels, or Nicks, or The Cliff, or……most places…Does one get a “locals” discount in Santa Ana? Just for saying….
    Repeat customers, friends of the business, are given discounts….if you’re blessed to live here share your gift. If, by way of being here you gotta constantly have your chest out and try to use the “I’m Local” line like a credit card….well, maybe you don’t really belong here, now do ya?
    Rents, if they were more reasonable, it would be easier to just offer discounts to “locals”…just for being here….but you are right…they are high. LB is great in so many ways but it ain’t no “Golden Goose” for shops like mine….


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