Letter: False Logic


If our city wants to consider a plan designed by the Fire Department (originally only for properties on the edge of open space) and apply it to most of our local neighborhoods, watch out for an exercise in false logic. This is not smart, not sensitive, and not what the majority of property owners were “buying into” when they purchased their homes in Laguna.

Ask yourself why property values have remained high in Carmel, or Palo Alto, or San Luis Obispo. The simple answer is that they decided long ago not to alter the natural habitat. But apparently not so for Laguna. What’s next? Shall we give the task of designing our streets to a major trucking company?

Here’s better example: When I’m using a tool, I find the one that fits the assignment, whether it be a saw or a level or a framing hammer. If the tool won’t help me I find a better tool. But I don’t go and change the parameters of the job. The tool doesn’t use me, I use it. My point is this; the Fire Department, just like the Police Department, and yes the City Council are the tools of laguna’s citizenry. And while we may take the uses of those tools into consideration, we should never let them control us. If we do, we might as well ask the plumbers union to design our houses. Convenient for them? You bet. But we’ll have all our pipes hanging on the outside of our houses.

So no. Don’t allow the Fire Department to re-design our community, anymore than we would allow a fox to re-design our hen house, or allow Peter Blake to teach a class on etiquette.


Mace Morse, Laguna Beach

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s a great reminder that our city council, city manager and our public safety staff work for us. They should not be in control of us or our city. When we get complacent it’s too easy for them to feel all powerful and they stop asking and listening to the public. We can’t let this happen.

    And thanks for the much needed laugh…Peter Blake teaching an etiquette class…omg!


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