Letter: In Response to ‘Climate Change and Nuclear Power’


In his July 18 article on climate change and nuclear power, Emil Monda plays loose with the impact mankind is about to experience due to the accelerating rate of influx of CO2 into the atmosphere. He refers to the CO2 “hypothesis,” when in reality it is no longer a hypothesis but became a scientific fact as far back as the 19th century. What also is a fact is that the accelerating increase of greenhouse gases such as CO2, methane and water vapor will continue to raise the atmospheric temperature to a level where human life can no longer be maintained. He mentions the trillions of dollars the New Green Deal will cost as if it is a waste of money, where in reality it is the cost of survival of the human race. If we do not make the financial commitment needed to stem the increases in greenhouse gases, our planet will become unlivable for our species within the next 100 plus years. So just what is human life worth?

If the world powers do not come together and recognize the need for a huge investment in scientific research and development to reverse the influx of greenhouse gases, future generations will be the victims of Mr. Monda’s and so many other’s unwillingness to address the climate problem.

Berton Moldow, Laguna Woods

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