Letter: In Response to Freidenrich’s Column

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I guess I’m the “Republican friend” Denny Freidenrich asked to respond to his April 12 piece. So here I am. Denny’s piece pointed out political language used at Republican rallies. Firstly, I’d like to point out the Republicans have rallies that are attended by more than 100 people. But I digress. Denny mentions the phrases, “Lock her up,” or “AOC Sucks,” the latter I’ve never heard before, but he’s probably attended more Republican rallies than I have. I always find Denny’s articles have tendencies to morph from the main topic, “Lock her up” chants, into his family history, and the April 12 entry did not disappoint.

His absurd analogy bringing in the Laguna Beach City Council members, which he apologized for, was so embarrassing, I won’t draw further attention to it. It was that ridiculous and yes, that embarrassing.

I believe Denny’s point regarding the chant of “Lock her up” was a thinly veiled attempt to criticize President Trump and his supporters. You know the “smelly Walmart shoppers,” which I confess to be one. The phrase “Lock her up” has of late taken on new meaning as Attorney General William Barr has opened up a new investigation into the spying on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. That will be a very messy affair, considering the evidence already on the table. It will certainly lead to subpoenas of many high-ranking Obama Justice Department, FBI, and State Department officers. Who knew FBI attorney Peter Strozk’s “insurance policy” would cost the American people $30 million to yield a “no collusion” by the Trump campaign. While we’re on AG Barr, he’s characterized as having a bias due to his affiliation with Trump. Let us not forget President Obama’s AG, Eric Holder, telling him “I’m your wingman.” Is there any bias there?

Denny is about as true-blue Democrat as you will find, and I’m OK with that. I have many Democratic friends, and so long as they don’t push Socialism, they’re Americans, and I value their opinions.


Coleman Raffo, Laguna Beach

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