Letter: Labeled ‘Bad’ by Q Supporters is Offensive


It is offensive that supporters of Measure Q put commercial property owners, developers and realtors on the evil list. My Great Grandfather, Elmer Jahraus, came to Laguna in 1903. He was one of the first realtors in Laguna Beach and would also be considered a developer. He built two commercial buildings on Forest Ave. One of them, in my opinion, is the most beautiful on Forest Ave. The address is 305 Forest Ave. with the clock and phone booth. It is still owned by the Jahraus Family today. Elmer sold all the property in the Laguna Cliffs Tract on Cliff Dr. across from Heisler Park. He saved the Heisler Park property from being developed. A lawsuit against the developer, Heisler, went all the way to the California Supreme Court and Elmer was the key witness in saving the property from development. At the time the Park was dedicated, Elmer took an option on a strip of beachfront at the north boundary of the Park, which included what was known at the time as Fisherman’s Cove and sunk $1,000 of his own money into the project, hoping to induce other citizens to join him in an effort to save another portion of the beach for use of the public, but was unable to raise enough money for the project. The following is an excerpt from a Santa Ana Register newspaper article dated April 29, 1920. “Elmer Jahraus of Laguna Beach accentuated Faille’s points by reciting that there is the possibility of owners along the shore erecting fences to prevent people from getting down to the beach along the bluffs of Orange County’s shoreline. This had been done in one instance already. Jahraus hoped to get the support enough to put a bill through the legislature in the next session protecting the coastline of California. He suggested that boards of supervisors be requested to deny acceptance of plots of subdivisions submitted where the bluffs fronts of the ocean line are not protected against fences or buildings.” 

My great-grandfather today would be labeled bad and evil by the supporters of Measure Q. They say my family is bad and evil because we own commercial property and are not against change. My family is not bad and evil and we are against Measure Q, vote no.

Jeffrey L. Jahraus, 71 year resident of Laguna Beach

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