Letter: Opposed to Fried’s Take on National Politics

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What a delusional joke was Billy Fried’s column last week, from the top of the pointy-eared pink caps to the self-emasculating “toxic masculinity” bottom. Feminize all men, or is it just all white men? No thanks.

A kinder, more humane planet with the likes of arrogant hypocrite Pelosi? Liar Elizabeth Warren? Foul-mouthed Hezbollah-loving anti-Semite Rashida Talaib? Ignorant socialist Oscario-Cortez? Factually challenged ranter Rachel Maddow? Ethically void left extremist “sleep with your married boss mayor to get ahead” Kamala Harris? As a woman, these are the women I’m supposed to admire? Is there a “special place in hell” for me if I don’t, a la Hillary Clinton? Nurturers? Goddesses? God help us if they are the ones here to save us.

These women are worse​ than the old white men whom Fried apparently thinks should be neutered. Or maybe they are just equally as undesirable as some of those men. Well then, we really have achieved equality! Good, then maybe we can take sex and gender (or whatever ridiculous spectrum of gender) out of the discussion. Show me your integrity, your intellect, your virtue, your moral code, your work ethic, your respect for our laws, your pride in this country, your pride in being an American, and your desire to do what is truly best for our country and its citizens, as opposed to for your political party gain. A few who do have these attributes, irrespective of chromosomes, are Nikki Haley, Condi Rice and Ben Carson.

As Fried maligns our new esteemed, virtuous, honorable Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, he will be remembered for his integrity and years of jurisprudence on the bench, with thousands of well-reasoned decisions under our laws. What will Fried be remembered for? Please LB Indy, please remove Billy Fried’s columns from our local newspaper. Relegate Fried’s left extremist opinionated rants to the letters to the editor and limit his diatribe to 400 words. At least I can turn the radio off.

Jennifer Zeiter, Laguna Beach

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  1. Excellent letter and points Jennifer. I applaud your willingness to stand up and be heard. Having a leftist columnist in our local paper is totally unfair if we do not have one that also is able to extol the thinking of logic. My understanding is that our local station is financed primarily by the taxpayer, and the writer does not live in town, how does this rate a left rant each week, just curious. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

  2. As always, thank you for the recognition and readership, Jennifer. I agree about Nikki Haley and Condi Rice. Top drawer. But Ben Carson? Really??

  3. Jennifer, maybe the Indy should think about a counterpoint column to present an opposing view. Hey Indy, how about a counterpoint column to Billy Fried’s column?

  4. Barbara, I will gladly enlighten you. Neither this newspaper nor the radio station I assume you are referring to are funded by taxes. Someone who “extols the thinking of logic” should know that.

  5. I’ve specifically written an email to Allison, editor of the Indy, requesting that there be a column for opposing conservative values in the Indy to counter the leftist rants the other half of us have to endure. It’s been 4 days without a response, but I’m hopeful that she will see the benefit to our community of having opposing viewpoints. Alternatively the Indy could eliminate rants on national politics and stick to local, county and state issues that impact Laguna Beach. Standards have to be consistently applied, on the left and the right, lest the appearance of bias, right?

    BTW, the radio station does in fact receive some City funding. City gets its money from taxpayers. That’s called taxes.

  6. Billy Fried, It is common knowledge the City of Laguna Beach has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the local Radio Station. Where do you think the City gets its revenue? TAXES paid for by RESIDENTS and visitors.. Since you are no longer a resident of Laguna Beach, perhaps you should take your misguided unwelcome talent and attempt to influence the dialog and start a radio show called Dana Point Talks. Or course, the city of Dana Point and its residents may not be interested in your democratic socialist views. You are a fraud. Go away, you no longer live in Laguna Beach so your misguided opinions are no longer relevant to our city.

  7. Billy, I am surprised that you are ignorant of the tens of thousands of dollars of “contributions” paid to the radio station by the City of Laguna Beach. Where does the revenue paid to the city come from, thats right, from TAXES paid by residents and visitors. It appears Barbara enlightened you. LOL

  8. Lolena, the radio station is one of 54 recipients of the city’s $632,000 Community Assistance Fund. Two years ago they got $10,000, last year $2,000, and this year $15,000. In June, 2016 they received a one time appropriation of $23,000 to purchase emergency broadcast equipment in the event the electric grid went down. Hardly the funding to demand editorial control of the station. By that logic they should be dictating how the other 52 recipients operate. Which includes the Laguna Ocean Foundation, which Jennifer is a member of. So should the city insist a liberal sit on that Foundation to counter the “Ann Coulter” of laguna?

  9. Jennifer, how do I agree with thee?. Let me count the ways.
    Mr. Fried’s Bully Pulpit within the Indy is often offensive, usually dismissive and without allowance for any views outside his own myopic vision.
    It is definitely time for an alternative viewpoint column at the Indy.

  10. Oh my! Billy Fried demonstrated his hateful, overt racism by condemning Ben Carson, a poor, poor, pitiful, disenfranchised black man, to hear Leftists wail hyperemotionally. Then Billy went on to move the goalpost after stating, “Barbara, I will gladly enlighten you. Neither this newspaper nor the radio station I assume you are referring to are funded by taxes. Someone who “extols the thinking of logic” should.”

    “Billy changed not “funded by taxes” to “Hardly the funding to demand editorial control of the station know that.”

    You know, Leftists never admit their mistakes. Ever. Evil is like that. I say “evil” for their support of butchering innocent, unborn babies, promoting race warfare and class warfare, and the illegal invasion of millions, all these and more through lies. http://DemocratsBigLies.blogspot.com

  11. Ahhh, I see the conservatives doth protest too much! Such fear surrounding one man and his words. Might I suggest pitching your own column, instead of trying to censor other’s views? It would be worth reading, if you could steer away from the name-calling, which does nothing to bolster your opinion or credibility…

  12. Here’s a thought – we have the freedom to choose which columns to read in the LB Indy. I don’t read certain regular columnists for various reasons. If you don’t like what Billy has to say, don’t read his column. If you don’t like his writing style, don’t read his column. If you don’t like him personally, turn the page. The Op Eds are entertaining enough.

  13. Mary Jo Winefordner parrots the usual Leftist line: If you don’t like what he says, don’t read it.
    I’ve never heard of “Billy” until Jennifer Zeiter exposed him brilliantly.
    How would anyone know what he says without reading it? Moreover, when Leftists like Mary Jo don’t like what an opponent says, they’re always trying to shut them/us up, throw them/us out of the restaurant, call us “racist” and “fascist.”

    The double standard of Mary Jo and Company seems all too fair to them.

  14. Mary Jo, I’m guessing you agree with our retired drama instructor on his letter concerning those “disrespectful students who were probably led by an adult who impressed his/her particular ideology on them.” Jennifer’s letter concerning Billy (not of Laguna) Fried was right on target. Why is name pronounced freed and not fried? His column needs to be removed ASAP!

  15. WJR, you sound just like John – jumping to ridiculous, unrelated conclusions. My solution was simple – don’t like Billy, don’t read his column.

    Given your mindless ASSumptions, you might be surprised to know I enjoyed reading Amy Kramer’s column when she used to write for the Indy. Intelligent, measured commentary from a local conservative. Completely different style from Billie, but still interesting. I’m able to enjoy both. Sorry you and others aren’t capable.

  16. WJR, you sound just like John – jumping to ridiculous, unrelated conclusions. My solution was simple – don’t like Billy, don’t read his column. I guess we need to ban retired drama instructors from writing in as well.

    And why is John from Irvine even weighing in anyway? I’m sure there’s plenty going on in Irvine he can rant about.

    Given your mindless ASSumptions, you might be surprised to know I enjoyed reading Amy Kramer’s column when she used to write for the Indy. Intelligent, measured commentary from a local conservative. Completely different style from Billie, but still interesting. I’m able to enjoy both. Sorry you and others aren’t capable.

  17. Mary Jo, We are capable, but your “simple solution” effectively silences a majority in the local media. There is no conservative voice alternative in the local Indy paper, or Stu News for that matter, other than LTEs. Happy to tune non-local Billy Fried out, but difficult to do when we don’t have a written column conservative counter-point to his ASSinine comments. So the best alternative his to call out his ASSinine columns when he writes them, which is often. Don’t make ASSumptions regarding our capabilities. We just refuse to be silenced.

    Re the drama teacher – reciting proven false facts is ok with you? A teacher indoctrinating his views on our children? No thanks. Teach my children reading, writing and arithmetic, teach them STEM, but leave your political opinions out of our classrooms.

    BTW, I’ve asked Allison for a regular conservative column in the Indy by me or someone else. So far zero response. Not encouraging. Equal opportunity???

  18. Jennifer, as I mentioned, the Indy once had a conservative columnist. I don’t know why Amy stopped writing it; she’s a busy, involved wife and mother. Unless there are space restrictions, why wouldn’t the Indy entertain another? Howard Hills has written guest columns in the past; has he asked for a full time gig and been denied? Whoever ends up writing, I hope it doesn’t become back and forth “rants” which are so tiresome.

    Why are we even talking about the Drama Teacher and what I think about that situation? We are talking about banning Billy Fried’s column. I don’t appreciate getting attacked by weirdos like John and “WJR”, who is too cowardly to use his real name, about other, unrelated topics. I’m not ok with silencing voices, including yours; (although John can go pound sand). Is that so horrible? The Indy printed your letter and Mr. Dressler’s.

    And since you all are bent on bringing up Mr. Dressler, I will say, aside from the basics, I also want teachers to instill confidence in my children which is even more important to me (and them) than complex math. Mr. Dressler did just that in the few years he had with my son which included a field trip to NYC. I asked him if he knew where Mr. Dressler sits politically. He said he might guess, but he didn’t know for sure because it never came up in the time they spent together. I actually find that many young people, like my son and his friends, are more informed, willing to question and civil than many adults out there.

    Am I mistaken or does/did Billy have a business in town? And serves on Transition Laguna? My mistake if that’s incorrect. If it is correct, did he move to Dana Point? Who cares? Most of our teachers don’t live in town; do they not have a stake in Laguna because of that?

    Give Allison a chance – I’m guessing you can’t just add a column overnight.

  19. Though a column aptly named “The Indy Faux Views Comic Strip” might prove entertaining, I would imagine that reputation and preservation of integrity may account for a lack of conservative voice.

    Seriously, why on earth should the Indy take on a conservative columnist when all one has to do is read the sniveling diatribe such as “butchering innocent, unborn babies” provided herein?

    I did however, get a kick out of “esteemed, virtuous, honorable Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh”

    Are you fraking kidding me? This guy is a mouse studying to be a rat. Anyone that thinks otherwise should kindly scamper back to flock and continue grazing until the wool is totally over their eyes and into the abyss of ding dong obscurity.

    Let’s be honest, you’d be sad to see Billy go because there would be one less platform to vent feeble-minded, ad hominem laden fulminations which I can only assume are attempts to reinforce counter intuitive thinking.

    (FYI – It actually just reeks of desperation highlighting a lack of ability to address content without having to take a stab at the provider.)

    As it was mentioned, when you see a Billy article just turn the page! (yeah right) Free will is a beautiful thing. Perhaps ya’ll should brew up some warm pungent coffee, grab some stale donuts and start your own support group sporting the name OnanOn? You could sit in a circle and exchange invigorating Billy expletives? “Hi! My name is Jenny and I’m a Billy addict!” “Hi Jenny!” “Billy is an overt, evil, racist hateful fraud bla bla bla etc etc ad nausam”

    Egads man.

    Not completely void of empathy, I truly can’t imagine the torment of having that inner logic bashing the inside of your head pondering what life may have been like had you been born with sufficient oxygen affording your brain a critical thinking ticket upon the reality express.

    No, let’s leave the Indy in the hands of progressive, forward thinking folks because sadly, conservatism has been over run by religious zealots one of which, felt a need to engage me at a recent dinner party.

    Lucky me, oh the joy to be seated across from such a gent thus privy to his incessant touting of ‘Christian conservative values’ but completely clueless with regard to the history of man against man brutality in the name of his Savior. Our little back and forth came to an abrupt halt after he informed me that fossils were placed here by “The Lord” to test mans faith. Perhaps it was the wine but I erupted with waves of uncontrollable laughter proclaiming him the victor because I simply couldn’t counter that logic.

    Anyway, thank you all for helping my verification process the data I’m compiling to prove my hypothesis that there is indeed, no life guards for the gene-pool


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