Letter: Political Advertising


I recently looked over the ad placed by those supporting “Save Laguna” and pondered over it. Is that all the support that they have? I thought that there were many more qualified voters in Laguna.

I wonder who checked with those who have passed on to be sure that they have not changed their mind. What was most troubling were some of the names listed on top—I personally know of one or more who have lied, helped people perpetuate lies at city hall and in front of city council. Would I rely on them for real information or could I trust them this time?

I noticed that some last names were duplicates—were those family members like sons or daughters (are they adults and able to vote?) of the adults listed or just a coincidence? The other question is were these the folks asked to help pay for the ad? Of course, it always pays to verify if these folks live in Laguna Beach, it will take time and effort but given how they are already making great effort to win your confidence and vote—it should be worth it.

And, of course there will be so many events to invite you to play and believe everything they tell you. No time like this election to be clear of the facts and many of these folks who live on your street will ask you to do them “a favor” and vote for their candidates. That has been a favorite ploy. This election is very important to the future of this city.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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  1. Ganka Brown, your apparent naïveté, if real, shows a lack of understanding of the political system. If one canvasses for a certain cause and goes door to door it would be the height of stupidity not to ask people that agree with that cause to vote for candidates supporting it. By your logic do you must think that those who canvass for Blake, Kempf, and Orgill should not tell voters to vote no on Q. As to lies you’re basically using the “some people say” trope that was very popular with a nationally elected official now out of office.


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