Letter: Protect Our Tax Dollars


I have often admitted in public and in private that Village Laguna has done some things right by keeping buildings short. Preservation of some of areas is a great idea. However, preserving a poop processor that is filled with mold more than history (of which we know little but for several hundred thousands dollars we can find out) and for which no real purpose has been determined.  Then the park in south Laguna which is a small lot that has been used over as recruitment opportunities for Village Laguna. They have been squatting on that piece of property for many years and the City nor Village Laguna have been able to find the owner of it. But they want $1 million to buy it. But from whom? It is basically a local veggie garden and there is no place for children or pets to play and you won’t find any quarrels or birds flying around and nest there. So where does the word “park” fit in.

For years I have heard from folks, especially women, who have told me that if they did not want to participate or support Village Laguna because they have been snubbed by those who are living on their street. My local neighbor who built a forest in their yard to block the view of four homes being built nearby because they didn’t like the homes that were erected. Just last year, I paid the city the almost $800 to ensure my view as the last tree finally died and removed. I was overwhelmed by the beauty and drams of my view. Unfortunately, two of the older homeowners never saw the view they wanted so badly.

Look at the parking lot on Broadway and Third. How long did it take to get it done and with a stroke of a pen one councilmember eliminated 70 or more parking spaces? One needs to be a race car driver in a compact car to navigate the curves. I wonder how much revenue has been lost by that pen stroke.

I believe that we need to focus on more realistic projects for the health and safety of the community. Also let’s not forget that the money used to run our town is not just from our tax dollars but tax dollars paid by others who come to our city to enjoy a little bit of our paradise.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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