Letter: Rounaghi Can Get It Done


As a Republican and 49-year law enforcement leader (former police chief for three cities), I support candidates—regardless of party—who prioritize public safety and get things done. For that reason, I’m urging Laguna voters to elect City Council candidate Alex Rounaghi.

At the County level, I have worked closely with Alex on initiatives related to illegal sober living homes, the fentanyl crisis, and law enforcement funding. Alex’s experience/ability, integrity, and his commitment to public safety, would serve him well as a city council member. 

Alex is endorsed by the Laguna Beach Firefighters, Laguna Beach Police, the Orange County Deputy Sheriffs, and he has my wholehearted endorsement as well. 

Dave Snowden, Laguna Beach

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  1. With all the experience you listed for Alex, he must have started working while he was still in the womb. Also, I’ve seen this in his ads too. He is not endorsed by the Laguna Beach Police. He is endorsed by the Laguna Beach Police Employee’s Association, HUGH difference.


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