Letter: Shining a Light on Student Success, District Achievements

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In the midst of discouraging back-and-forth regarding the School Board’s presidency, I’d like shift gears to shine a light on our teachers, students, staff, superintendent, and all of the board members that I have met in my short time on the board. Their hard work and expertise led, for example, to Thurston Middle School achieving 2019 California Distinguished School designation. In December 2018, LBUSD was placed on the College Board’s 9th Annual AP District Honor Roll for Significant Gains in Student Access and Success. These are just two of many concrete examples of cooperation and excellence leading to positive outcomes.

I was not sworn in as a board member until January, and therefore did not attend the organizing meeting at which the board president was chosen. That being said, I have nothing but respect for each current board member as I have consistently witnessed kindness and courtesy during board deliberations. Not only have I appreciated the respect and honesty afforded to all participants and attendees, but I have also enjoyed recognizing our splendid PTA-sponsored student artist, meeting our outstanding male cross country team and hearing of their academic and sports achievements, and learning about the exceptional programs offered to students and the commitment and involvement of our educators.

I have met with the majority of administrators and principals of our schools, and have been impressed with their interaction with students, faculty, and staff. Morale is high.

All data I have seen verifies the great job being done by our teachers, staff, and administrators. In addition, LBUSD is fiscally sound and there are no grievances with staff and faculty.

I see and appreciate that parents and the community-at-large care deeply about student success. I hope that civility can prevail, and we can move on to continue making our district great while concentrating on our elected responsibilities.

James J. Kelly, LBUSD Board Member 

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