Letter: In Response to James Utt’s ‘They Are Not Just Pets’

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I completely sympathize and identify with James’ bittersweet recounting of his experience and his son’s experience with pet loss. And while I’m a “cat lady” having had two to three cats in my household my entire adult life, I revere all animals and can attest that they are not just pets. Our animal companions have personalities, feelings and live much like us in that they enjoy experiencing love, affection, playing, and even having a daily routine. I believe many now view their pets as family members; albeit a different species, but no less, family members. And when we lose one of our beloved furry family members who’ve graced us with daily loving companionship, whether it’s only for a few years or many more, it is truly a traumatic and painful loss. I’m sorry for his son’s loss of Chuy back in October. I’m sure he is still missing the little guy.

Pamela Knudsen, Laguna Beach

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