Letter: Village Laguna Congratulates New Council Members


Village Laguna congratulates the newly elected City Council members, Alex Rounaghi, Sue Kempf, and Mark Orgill on their election to a four-year term as City Council members. Thank you for your willingness to serve the community.


We also congratulate the community for carefully casting its votes to elect leaders who will work together and encourage public participation. City Council meetings should be a forum where residents are appreciated and feel welcome to express their ideas and concerns. We believe the newly seated council members share that view.


Village Laguna encourages the Council to recognize that Laguna Beach has a wealth of talented, bright, and energetic residents who hold varying opinions on major policy and development issues. Past councils have been successful in bringing the community together by using working groups of residents to reach a consensus on these issues. This tried-and-true method has been very successful in producing the city’s Design Review Guidelines, the design of the Village Entrance, and other projects that began on a contentious note.

We welcome the prospect of a return to constructive dialogue about the future of our village.


Anne Caenn, President, Village Laguna

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