Letter: Voting for Village Candidates

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Our City Council election is coming up in November. There are the usual suspects running for office: tree hugging village types, change is good types, new and improved types, bigger is better types. Then there’s the newbies. I think the choices we have are basically the same choices we’ve had since our town started in 1927.

MFK Fisher wrote her first paid story in 1934 and Westways published it. MFK became a prominent food, culture and travel writer. Here is a paragraph from her first paid story. This text can be found in the book “As They Were.”

“And Olas [Laguna] is on the spot, for those who have long known it as a quiet lovely place and want it to remain so, and those who feel in its present restless state a promise of prosperity and prominence as a booming beach resort, are lined up grim and hateful on either side of a wall of bitter prejudice.”

Gee, does this sound like today? I’m voting for the village types.

Michael Hoag, Laguna Beach

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