Letter: We Should Be Uniting Against Climate Change

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letters to the editorI write to express my appreciation for Bert Moldow’s July 26 letter, in which he calls out Emil Monda’s scream-worthy assertion that rising CO2 and consequent climate change are hypothetical.

The reality of climate change is clear. The vital skin of our planet, the atmosphere, is thickening from greenhouse gases (i.e. CO2). This thicker skin is holding in more heat. And that heat is already creating havoc right here in South Orange County.

Atmospheric scientist Katherine Hayhoe has a wonderful YouTube series called “Global Weirding.” She’s funny and easy to understand, hopeful and refreshingly brief. Two episodes I found very helpful were, “Is Carbon Dioxide Really a Pollutant” and “Fossil Fuels.” I hope Mr. Monda will watch them.

The claims of Mr. Monda and other climate change deniers has me stumped. This common enemy should be uniting us like no other, but no.

Why? Someone please, explain this to me. There is real hope that we can prevent the worst, but we need to act together, now.

Beth Summerl, Laguna Beach

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