Letter: Why is Dicterow Supporting a Bully?

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Meeting after meeting, City Council member Steve Dicterow has spoken of kindness and has spoken out against bullies. Now, it seems that he’s the sidekick for a man whom I believe is the worst bully Laguna has ever seen.

At the last council meeting, Peter Blake called the Temple Hill neighbors “all liars.” Steve’s response was to whisper to Peter during public testimony.

What happened to “Mr. Kindness?” We know he’s running for re-election next year. Will Steve do anything to get Peter’s endorsement and the Liberate Laguna money?

Lorna Shaw, Laguna Beach

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  1. Maybe Steve was saying something about self-regulation or being helpful in some way. We could all use help or kindness compared to negativity which is just what one will get from Steve. Mr. Blake is
    responsible for his own outbursts and may be erroneously copying the current national political climate.

  2. Mr. Blake is ultimately responsible for his own self-regulation. Why couldn’t the interpretation have been that
    he was defusing the situation with kindness and helpfulness?

  3. Lorna, actually he was telling me to calm down. Steve has never encouraged incivility. As far as my endorsement goes, I doubt he needs it. I dont control Liberate Laguna so your claim of influencing their endorsement is false as well.

    Regarding your claim that I called the Temple Hills residents all liars, that a stretch. I was refering to certain residents and activists who had distorted the truth in emails regarding the issue. Claims that children use these “pathways” were ridiculous at best. Nice try!

    Lorna, I could care less wether you think I’m a bully. I’m happy to fight for residents who need a councilman that doesn’t cower to you, Village Laguna or any other groups and activists that try to to control the residents.

    The voters of Laguna knew what they were getting when they voted for me.


  4. Peter Blake……again I find your excuses for your awful behavior at the city council meeting last week Trump-like. First you do the deed then you rationalize the deed then you deny the deed. Instead of aping your White House tutor, try joining the human race and learn something about kindness. Regarding your assertion that you are trying to liberate the people of Laguna from some boogeymen that exists entirely in your fevered mind, let me make clear you represent only the ProMo who shelled out 150K and bought you a city council seat. You have only one constituent. That’s all.

    TC Borelli

  5. TC your a liar and distort the truth! Blake got more votes than any other candidate because he represents a large portion of the community. The boogeyman is real and it’s called Village Laguna. A great example is Saline restaurant at Hotel Joaquin in North Laguna you probably never heard of it because the city policies pushed by VL kept it closed to residents. Neighbors just get all the negatives of the hotel.

    Interesting people are offended for being called a liar, but keep failing to offer any proof they are not.

  6. BD….To say Blake represents a large portion of the community is laughable. Peter Blake defeated Toni Iseman by 89 votes out of 13,650 votes cast. Sue Kempf beat Ann Christoph by a measly 248 votes. Again, that is hardly a ringing endorsement by the community.

    Since SCOTUS legalized political corruption (County of Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific Railroad 1886, Buckley v. Valeo 1976, Citizens United v. FEC 2010, McCutcheon v. FEC 2014) big money self interest even in a small town like Laguna Beach are subverting the will of the people.

    Without the $152,000 jammed into the election by the Liberate Laguna PAC financed by the Gang of Five (Honarkar, Dornin, Ray, Goldstein, and Shopoff) Blake and Kempf would have been relegated to the also rans. And thats the truth

  7. That’s not the truth, TC, that’s one man’s opinion. There are plausible explanations for why Sue Kempf (who got my vote because of her resume) and Peter Blake (who didn’t) won that don’t involve the Gang of Five. (Why, for example, didn’t Village Laguna, with hundreds of supporters in a wealthy town, raise more money to make their case? Why did they back two candidates that were widely regarded as unelectable? What was the impact of Rob dropping out and back into the race?) The truth is that no one got even 15% of the votes, so you’re quite right that no one got a ringing endorsement from the voters. (That’s reason enough to explore the benefits of ranked choice voting, which is a whole other topic.) It’s also true that almost all Council decisions are 5-0, and the ones that aren’t are almost all 4-1, with Toni opposing. Everything else, including the mystery of why Peter Blake is such a sore winner and why there is so much pearl-clutching and finger-pointing on all sides, is debatable.

  8. TC Borrelli, how is it “laughable” that I represent a large portion of the community? I love the way you post as if it’s fact. I won the election with the most votes. Not a lot but it is a substancail amount given that I recieved more votes than Toni Iseman, a 20 year incumbent and Anne Christoph, a decades long activist and former councilperson. Both were endorsed and supported by Village Laguna. I won not because of Liberate Laguna but in spite of their endorsement. It gave Village Laguna an opportunity to embark on thier campaign of lies claiming that I was in the pockets of developers and was going to bulldoze the downtown. I spent around $12,000 and fought and worked harder than my oppenents. I took on the two most powerfull groups in Laguna and called them out by name. Village Laguna and Friendship Shelter! I spoke my mind and won residents over with a laser focused approach on getting our property rights back and reducing crime and homelessness. My platform resonated with moderate Democrats, Republicans and Independents. I lost the radical left like yourself who cringed at the thought of seeing our flag on our police cars. Sorry TC, you’ve got a long 3 1/2 years ahead of you!

  9. Peter Blake – Over 85% of Laguna Beach DID NOT VOTE FOR YOU!
    Over 85%! You only represent a small minority of right wing new money. You’ll be a one termer – if you’re not kicked out before then.

  10. Village laguna and the friendship shelter
    Are the most powerful groups in Laguna?
    Really to say Peter that you took them on .
    That’s preposterous. that’s the real laguna


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