Lives More Precious Than Thrills




Many years ago, my son loved to skateboard down Park and Temple Hills. Then I got the call: an ambulance was taking him to the emergency room – – he had hit and flipped over the barrier at the hairpin turn on Temple Hills. Luckily he didn’t die, or even break a bone (temporary concussion), but scared the heck out of me. As a parent, I would have been grateful for the added authority of law on my side to prevent that extreme risk-taking behavior.


It terrifies me to think I might hit a child rushing out of control down Park or Temple Hills. Laguna’s streets are hazardous enough to negotiate without the fear of skateboards suddenly appearing around a bend or coming over into your lane head-on. What are we thinking? Aren’t the lives of our children more precious than allowing them momentary thrills? Keep the skateboarding to flatter areas, or better yet, a designated area off the streets entirely in all of Laguna, not just cherry picked areas because of localized lobbying.


Rosemary Boyd

Laguna Beach

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