Drivers and Skaters Can Co-exist




I have only one thing to say to the members of SNAG (you know, the group of

folks feverishly working to make skateboarding illegal on any street with a grade

greater than 5 percent in Laguna Beach) and that is:  slow down.


If you drive the speed limit you will not run into a skater and they will not

run into you.


Will there be wipe-outs?  Will kids hurt themselves?  Maybe. They will also

maybe hurt themselves on the playground or the volleyball court or tripping in

their own backyard.


If once a week you have to drive by a “speed boarder” (as you, SNAG, have

decided to call them) or if they skate by your house, are you really that

traumatized?  Really that afraid? Is watching out for others on the road really

that much of a challenge? If so, it’s time for you to find a quiet little

retirement community where golf carts are the norm and noisy children are only

allowed to visit.


Stop using fear and hyperbole to try and influence the people of Laguna Beach.

You are not afraid; you are inconvenienced.  A kid (or adult) skates by and

snaps you out of your distracted driving haze and forces you to pay attention

and that jolt makes you angry so you blame them and not yourselves.


Skateboards and drivers have coexisted on the hills of Laguna Beach for over 40

years. Let’s not allow hysterical propaganda ruin it for the next 40.


Kristin Fast

Laguna Beach

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