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Presbyterian church members Daryle Lynn and Ken Cornelison on a picnic in Africa with the orphanage children. Photo by Bob Pruitt

By Jim Perkins, Special to the Independent

Three members of Laguna Presbyterian Church recently described their three-week mission trip to Kenya and Tanzania, reporting to the congregation about the current and proposed projects to support children and families in Africa.

The three congregants joined 25 representatives of Presbyterian churches and other organizations throughout Southern California to traveled with the East Africa Partnership last November.

Ken Cornelison, Daryle Lynn Cornelison, and Bob Pruitt described four major concerns, including their particular interest in the 100,000 acres of land recently dedicated to year-round farming and food production. They reviewed plans to aid government and local officials in promoting irrigation and modern farming techniques that will produce a significant increase in food supply, water management, and jobs available to the poor.

They also reported on the activities of five doctors and nine nurses from Hoag Presbyterian Hospital in Newport Beach who brought much needed medical and surgical support to the region. While setting up clinics, conducting examinations, and performing surgery, the doctors and nurses taught valuable procedures and practices to local medical personnel.

Bob Pruitt helps boys with lumber to build shelving for supplies. Photo by Ken Cornelison

The travelers also reported on the conditions and needs of children’s homes built there for boys and girls whose parents have died or are unable to support all of their family. It was reported that space for more children exists and many more children are in need of shelter. The major hurdle remaining is funding for the living expenses of these children and for staff to care for them.

Pruitt proudly displayed pictures he had taken with two children he sponsors. “Meeting my sponsored children was definitely the highlight of my trip,” he said.

Those who wish to sponsor children or contribute to projects in Kenya may contact Cornelison through Laguna Presbyterian Church.

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