Letter: More Thoughts on Village Entrance, Village Laguna

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In a recent editorial in the Indy, a writer commented that some people may have been disappointed in the outcome of the new walking/parking space referred to as Village Entrance. I was disappointed, and I knew I would be, given the modifications made at the last moment to the plans, which I assume were at the direction of Village Laguna. Actually, there were many people who were angry, frustrated and shocked. Some have pointed out, as I have, the awkwardness in driving with the big concrete curves (the tire rubbing continues), especially if a large SUV is parked in the “path.” Actually, people are buying more SUV’s and trucks, not fewer, as seen by Rolls-Royce coming out with an SUV. Business people have pointed out that with 70 fewer cars able to park there—then multiply that by the number of people in the car, two or three—that would be 140 or 210 fewer potential customers to increase revenues to our businesses (stores are still closing) and even our city. We can’t afford that if Village Laguna wants us to build more “beautiful or fun” things (like a park in South Laguna).

Also, if Village Laguna is trying to be transparent about Charm House funds, how much was donated to the Canyon Conservancy? Mrs. Felder’s husband is quite involved in it. Or, some of the other charities they claim to give to. How much money did they actually provide for candidates? That would have been transparency. I am sure that there are many reciprocals between their friendly groups (i.e. buying tickets to the Charm House Tour for friends and family).

We need pragmatic people who use their common sense for safety, health, economic and environmental issues to guide our city through the coming years, as it will be a struggle with climate change, increase in taxes, homeless, and other unforeseen costs of running our town.


Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach


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