Too Much of a Hurry to Approve Rather Than Improve



Thanks to all who spoke out against the massive Longi project proposal way out in the canyon. The testimony showed clear opposition to the size by organizations and individuals from all over town, despite statements that just a few neighbors object.

We didn’t ask for articulation or for rustic siding. All we asked for over and over was to consider downsizing and they said “no.” There was no comment on our position that the project would solve many objections by taking away one floor and reducing its density, parking, and impacts in half. We challenged them to offer any compromise.

The City should put their money where their mouth is and make it better, not lay the burden on the backs of the residents. There’s no local bus out here, no picnic bench, no boardwalk to the beach.
Why wasn’t the idea of funding to help create a compatible project explored further?
What about the suggestion of an EIR so nothing is missed?
It’s not our neighborhood’s fault only 12 work live (projects) have been approved in 12 years. But now we have to live with the consequences of the one that has been!
Why was there no discussion of habitat improvement for the creek or street improvement such as deceleration and acceleration lanes for Laguna Canyon Road?
The city is in too much of a hurry to approve rather than improve.
30,000 square feet is more than half the size of the White House. Not the one in Laguna, the one in D.C.
Our group stated that we care about the artists in Laguna. Do the developers care about the neighbors, or the canyon, or any compromise in any way?

They easily could have shown this by pursuing city funding allowing a lower profile and mutually beneficial conclusion.
They compared this to the Montage. There are no public spaces here. The project would be better if there were. It’s not close to transportation infrastructure, sidewalks, parks, or shops.
These are the kinds of things that happen on a fast track. A project gets approved that could have been so much better, so much more livable.
That’s the vision we were looking for from City Hall.

Imagine a stellar location, livability, design, form and function,
instead of an investment package.
The city just signed off on an unfinished work of art.

John Albritton, Laguna Beach

The author is president of the Laguna Canyon Property Owners Association.

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