View Ordinance Is Expensive to Enforce




In my opinion, the main problem with the proposed view preservation ordinance is the high cost associated with trying to enforce it.  I believe a much simpler and more enforceable method would be to enact one stating that no tree may exceed the highest point of the home/structure on the subject property. It should be the property owner’s responsibility to maintain their own trees and if they do not, the city should come out and trim them, or contract with a service to do it, bringing the offending trees into compliance. The cost of this service should then be billed to the property owner.  If the bill for such service is not paid promptly, 30 to 45 days, the city attorney should be required to file a lien on the property for the costs of the trimming, all attorney fees, the filing fees, as well as interest until paid in full. A similar approach should be initiated to clean/remove vegetation extending out into sidewalks, other walkways, and overhanging onto streets.

While we are on the topic of views, I would also like to see a better attempt at cleaning the streets (Coast Highway especially).  I am aware of the fact that we have street sweeping in the city. However, there seems to be no attempt to clear the cars from the street prior to the sweeping and the result is that large quantities of trash (bottles, fast food wrappers/containers, used diapers, tree droppings, etc.) are left in the street because the sweeper can’t access this refuse.

Dan Sugg, Laguna Beach

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