Navigating the Road to College


PTA’s Coffee Break offers a panel discussion on navigating the college admissions process next Wednesday, Jan. 19.

“Getting In Without Freaking Out” features the perspective of two professional college admissions counselors, Lisa McGlaughlin and Kristen Thomas, Regional Occupational Program specialist Susie Speirs, several parents who have launched children into colleges, high school principal Don Austin and other staff from Laguna High.

Helping our children find the “right” college is among the most unnerving aspects of parenting today.  Our own college entrance experiences provide little help in this world of professional college counselors, expensive test prep services and kids with resumes as plump as those of foreign service dignitaries

Even if you have attended earlier college admissions Coffee Breaks, attending this one will help you understand new challenges brought about by the current economic environment. For example, the flood of students into the community college system has changed the viability of that pathway for many.

As usual, showing up at 8 a.m. at the Surf and Sand with $5 gets you coffee, pastries, fellowship and enlightenment.

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