Of Congestion at the Bus Depot and Library



It is my understanding that the village entrance area is to be as park-like as possible. With more than 60 arrivals and departures per day, some with 10-minute “layovers” the big OCTA buses combined with numerous municipal bus arrivals would take a lot away from any “park-like” environment. Yes, the big buses do burn natural gas which is much less a pollutant than gas or diesel fuel, but remember those in favor of moving the bus station want to replace the terminal with parking for numerous cars which pollute more than the buses, and if we still have the homeless shelter, the van transporting the homeless from the bus terminal would cause a relocation of the biggest police problem in Laguna.

The downtown bus terminal where the police must constantly patrol theĀ drunks, psychos, etc. (also waiting for public buses) who are not exactly what you want visitors and tourists to see after they park and start walking.

Also, the Internet is again running so slow that people are leaving the library. One librarian said a week ago it may never speedup. What is the problem? Thousands of people go to the 35+ library systems every day to use the computer and today people are leaving as soon as they find out how slow it is.


Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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